Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Visit to Carnation Farmers Market

I dropped in to the market today because I am planning to do a couple of cooking classes at Grange Cafe in nearby Duvall. Grange Cafe is a cute, year-old restaurant in a beautifully renovated Grange Hall right in the center of the quaint town of Duvall. Judy Neldham owns the place and has been making every effort to serve seasonal, locally produced food in her restaurant. That task is made a lot simpler because her brother is none other than Luke Woodward of Oxbow Organic Farm in Carnation. Most chefs and market-goers know about Oxbow's awesome produce and incredibly kind staff. I ran into Luke’s wife Sarah at the market as well as Adam McCurdy and his wife Shira who were running the stand today.
Carrots, beets, onions, zucchini and beans are all looking delicious these days. Adam says that the autumn squash are still small, but that the cucumbers are just starting to come on. We should expect the summer season to run later this year because of the cold spring. I’d imagine that soil temperatures stayed pretty cold all year after our long winter.
The Carnation Farmers Market is only running for another three weeks, but the best stuff is just coming in. I’ll be there for the next two weeks where I’ll be meeting the folks who have signed up for the cooking classes at Grange Café. We’ll do a little shopping at the market and then head to the restaurant to cook a meal that will be matched with some delicious local wines. Call Judy at Grange Café for more info.

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